3 Reasons Israel is a Global Cybersecurity Leader

Digital circuit board with white padlock in the middle of it

Israel has built a global reputation for its leadership in cybersecurity thanks to the country’s innovative technology companies and strong expertise the security sector. But what does it really take to be a global leader in an area as crucial as this? Here are three reasons that Israel is and will remain a giant in cybersecurity.

1. Plenty of talent

Cybersecurity is consistently placed as a top priority for Israeli academia and military. This results in the continued production of experienced and unique talent from institutions all over the nation. Israel’s Education Ministry has even set up after school programs in which students can learn about programming and cybersecurity in middle and high school. These talented students are then put to work in one of hundreds of cybersecurity companies. These firms are as prevalent in Israel as Starbucks in Seattle. In fact, Israel is now the second largest exporter of cyber products and services after the United States, with over 200 companies and dozens of research and development ventures devoted to developing cyber security.

2. Government support

Another major factor is the generous government support for both private and public ventures into cybersecurity. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed an interest in the country’s private, public, and military sectors to work together by sharing technology and information. The work of the leaders like Mr. Rami Efrati, former head of the Israel National Cyber Bureau, has been successful in addressing even the most complex cybersecurity threats.

3. Mergers and Acquisitions

There have been a great deal of mergers and acquisitions in the cyber arena, particularly with Israeli companies. This will continue to drive more entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the innovative and ground-breaking companies that are produced from these mergers. Examples of this include Cyvera by PaloAlto and Trusteer’s acquisition of IBM in 2013 for $800M, and CyActive’s acquisition of PayPal. Investors and entrepreneurs who are hesitant about spending their time and money in Israeli cybersecurity companies can be assured that the threats are real and the talent confronting them is extremely qualified. This makes Israeli cybersecurity a safe bet for years to come.