Cybersecurity Takes Front Seat in Strategy and Operations for Successful Companies and Governments


Kevin Campbell

Luminaries such as the Department of Homeland Security’s Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa and NCR Corporation Chief Information Security Officer Bob Varnadoe will join Kevin Campbell, Advisory Services Leader for PwC’s Greater Atlanta market, at Cybercon 2016 for a panel discussion on what CIOs and CISOs need to help them face issues in cybersecurity. Whether working in the private sector or with governments, protecting data has taken center stage and these executives are expected to drive interdepartmental innovations that deliver customer facing value.

The cloud, bring your own device and big data have elevated the digital assets impacting companies to enormous proportions – creating both opportunities and risk. Once relegated to the realm of mitigating risk, cybersecurity today is ingrained in the fundamental management of all business functions. Companies that understand this will have the ability to leverage cybersecurity to support innovation.

“Cybersecurity is no longer a single group within the IT department. Today’s cybersecurity teams are embedded throughout and empower enterprises to move quicker and operate more efficiently,” says Campbell. “The discipline is progressing rapidly, and the importance of being proactive to enable technologies and capabilities that give businesses the ability to further goals with customers and employees is defining its role – it’s no longer about just responding to threats.”

Organizations are integrating cybersecurity into every aspect of business operations to drive innovation while still retaining responsibility for data safety. CIOs and CISOs are looking at their businesses from holistic 360 degree positions to clear the way for growth and development – the tools and solutions that they are employing reflect this trajectory and encompass the expanded ecosystem of security in which they are working. Cybersecurity vendors must be keenly aware of this in order to develop and market products that are meaningful and well-received.

“With so much data everywhere, a key component for cybersecurity professionals to understand is full visibility into how networks are designed and populated,” says Campbell. “Variations in sensitivity dictate what layers of security are appropriate and define corresponding budgets; CIOs and CISOs are facing tremendous complexity that requires stratification to develop the most efficient solutions.”

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