Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: Beazer Homes CIO Larry Frey Discusses How Your Company Can Protect Themselves Against Cyber Attacks

by Larry Frey, CIO, Beazer Homes

It seems like every day another major cyber security breach hits the news. One day it’s “social engineers” convincing someone to install software on their computer that gives a hacker free reign in their system. The next day it’s a major information breach because a server wasn’t secured correctly. Cybersecurity incidents are becoming a part of everyday life. For years, having an enterprise virus scanner and a network firewall used to be considered decent security. Today, it just doesn’t cut it. The points of attack have spread well beyond what those tools can secure. In today’s world, it is now the responsibility of everyone in an organization to protect themselves and their respective companies from attack. So how do we, as leaders in our organization, get people to think about this and take it seriously?

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. It takes constant education and awareness!  At Beazer Homes, we are in our second year of a planned curriculum of education and communication to the organization on cyber security. We have created a mandatory annual training program that helps our employees to better understand what cybersecurity is and how to protect themselves and Beazer.  After one year of this program, we’ve seen our incident rate drop dramatically, even as the number of attempts and points of attack have increased. Is that email attachment safe? Does the CFO really need me to wire a large sum of money somewhere? Is my computer really logging error messages at Microsoft and I need to install a “scanner” to fix it? These are the questions our employees are now asking themselves throughout the day. Tomorrow there will be new questions, and we’ll have to remain diligent in providing the necessary education.

Having enterprise security tools is an important component of any cyber security program. However, the best and most important tool is an employee who is educated and aware of the ever changing threat landscape.  What does your company do to protect itself?

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