Cybersecurity: Identifying and Managing Risk From All Angles

Cybercon’s 5th year brings together best-in-class experts to discuss identifying and managing cyber risk during an unprecedented era of technological transformation. AI, Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles are just three examples of technologies that are transforming business operations. Evolving business operations also means new cyber threats must be identified and managed. At the same time, the private sector and government are grappling with creating a better regulatory landscape for cybersecurity and privacy to keep up with a 21st century digital economy.

Workshops are offered during the full day conference specifically aimed at business operations and focusing on managing and growing your business with cybersecurity concerns in mind. We believe learning is best done by participating in workshops that emphasize interactive content. Cybercon will have breach simulations where you engage in crisis management with incomplete facts under time pressure.

Cybercon welcomes General Counsels, Chief Financial Officers, business owners, cybersecurity experts, Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers to collaborate on the current cybersecurity challenges businesses face in this fast-paced environment. This year’s goal is to identify practical mitigation strategies that will have measurable impact on a business’ risk profile and bottom line.

Baker Donelson

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