Panel Discussion: The Future of Finance: Fintech Innovation vs. Security

The financial services sector is among the most vulnerable to cybercrime largely due to the vast amount of money and valuable data that banks and investment firms process on a daily basis. The rise of Fintech has disrupted the way many larger, long-established financial institutions do business. The modern consumer now expects to be able to pay bills, get loans, receive financial advice, and manage their money online, primarily through SaaS cloud solutions and applications. In response to this trend, the finance sector has been strengthening their ties with young tech-savvy startups which are aiming to transform the way financial services are created and consumed. In an effort to bring new Fintech to market quickly security is usually an afterthought with the inevitable breach as the costly consequence.

Join our panel as they discuss how established financial institutions and new fintech firms can come together and collaborate in order to continue driving innovation, meeting consumer needs while also addressing security and new regulatory requirements.

Location: Room 222 Date: October 9, 2018 Time: 2:55 pm - 3:40 pm Linda Finley Linda Finley Kevin Gowen Phil Agcaoili Phil Agcaoili Michael Blache Michael Blache Stacy Hughes