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Scott Sargent advises his clients on the day to day regulatory compliance and corporate risks that go along with running a bank. This includes payment systems, vendor management, contracts, bank operations, data security and privacy issuesmergers and acquisitions, regulatory analyses, examinations and responses, and partnering with and/or incorporating emerging technologies.

As part of his banking practice and work with Financial Technology companies, Mr. Sargent helps his clients implement regulations and best practices concerning data security, privacy and protecting confidential information generally and customer information specifically. Moreover, Mr. Sargent has personally managed teams responsible for responding to third party data security compromises and developed successful strategies for his clients for risk mitigation and loss recovery.

Mr. Sargent’s clients include community and regional banks, as well as large international banks. He partners with them to achieve results with a focus on long-term growth and success. Mr. Sargent understands the business challenges his clients face. Before joining Baker Donelson, he spent more than 16 years in-house at an international bank as Assistant General Counsel, Senior Vice President and Assistant Secretary. While there, Mr. Sargent personally supported all consumer and commercial products and operations, and managed a team of attorneys responsible for providing legal oversight and advice for vendor management, bank operations, international operations and offshoring, procurement, Treasury Management, international money remittances, real estate and human resources, as well as Political Action Committees.

He also has extensive experience in integrating the requirements of consumer regulations into a financial institution’s consumer agreements, publications, marketing, procedures, policies and operations to ensure the highest commitment to compliance is maintained. Specifically, he has crafted numerous consumer product agreements, notices and disclosures as well as countless procedures and policies on the proper handling of consumer accounts, products and disputes.

Mr. Sargent is a registered lobbyist in the state of Alabama and actively represents banking interests. Additionally, he has extensive experience in financial technology and has structured numerous deals where FinTech companies have partnered with or incorporated their technology into traditional banking operations or payments systems.

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